Baby Bathing - Is This Hard To Do

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The first time you have a small, fragile baby in your hands that happens to be wet and slippery, you will know that baby bathing is not as easy as it seems to be. Children kick and fight. They also cry so violently at times that they can overturn a bathtub easily. How will you wash them while holding them? These are all questions many first time parents have. The good news is that it does not have to be too difficult to keep your child clean.

Here are some tips to giving your child a bath, even as they are very young. Be sure to check with their doctor regarding whether they are able to be wet if they have had surgery or they still have their umbilical cord.

First, set the stage for success. You should always use a baby bathing tub, a small tub that the child sits in, rather than putting a child that cannot sit up into an adult bathtub. You should still keep one hand on them no matter what. Place the baby bathtub on top of a dry towel. This keeps it in place and allows you to have a place quickly to dry your hands if needed.

Next, use only a few inches of water in these tubs. Since they are angled, the child's head will be no were near the water level. You do not need much. Keep water warm to the touch, not hot and not cold. Generally, young babies will need only gentle and very mild soaps used on them. You can purchase baby shampoos and body wash, for example, or use a soap that is mild. Never use anything that is not safe to use on a child.

Using a soft, wet towel wash their eyes and face. Keep the strokes soft and gently. There is no reason to scrub here! Be sure to safe the bottom for last. Rinse the child off using the same method of wiping. For hair, during their first months, use the same soap you have been using for their skin.

Keeping the baby bathing process short is important. Be sure there are no drafts and, if this is your first time giving the child a bath, chances are good you will need a second pair of hands to help. Once you get the process down, it does not have to be hard to do.