Tell Tale Signs Baby Is Not Feeling Well

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Most parents feel that they will not be able to tell if their newborn child is sick. Most first time parents do not find comfort in being told how a sick baby reacts compared to a healthy baby. This is because everything about their baby is unfamiliar and new so they don't have experience with what is normal and what is not.

Many times parents are told that if their baby is constantly crying for days on end they might be sick, but this is not always the case considering many healthy babies cry for long periods of time too. If you have a notion that your child may be sick then ask yourself these questions:

- Is your child behaving differently?

- Is the crying more often than normal?

- Is the tone of the crying any different?

- What about the times the baby cries?

- Is the baby more irritable?

- How is the baby's sleep patterns?

- Have you noticed a difference in appetite and digestion?

- Is the baby eating less?

- Is the baby throwing up and is it forcefully (projectile vomiting)?

- Is the baby having a hard time pooping?

- Is the baby having diarrhea?

- Is the infant peeing more or less than usual?

- Has the color of the urine changed?

- Have you noticed any changes in the infant's breathing (struggling to breathe)?

- Does the breathing sound congested?

- Is the baby having a stuffy or runny nose?

- Is the baby coughing more than usual?

- Does the baby look different?

- Has his/her skin color turned dull or pale?

- Does the baby have a rash anywhere on his/her body?

- Are the baby's eyes glassy or lifeless?

- Does the baby have a fever?

Any of these signs can tell whether or not your child is ill. If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should call your doctor. Don’t become overanxious if your child is sick. If you recognize the symptoms early enough, you can stop further sickness. When you call your doctor, be prepared to tell them the following:

1. What signs and symptoms the baby is going through and what you think is possibly wrong.

2. How long has the baby been undergoing these signs?

Paying close attention to your baby can help you recognize early symptoms. With this early detection you can prevent any illnesses from becoming worse than they are.