What's In The Nursery

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As you prepare for your baby's arrival, there are many things to keep in mind; including all of the different pieces of furniture and clothing, you will need for this new life. Take a deep breath. 

First is the crib. This is the place the baby will spend most of his time when he is sleeping so it should be a good investment. Some cribs convert into beds, which is a nice feature, but something you should keep at the back of your mind only. You may want a bassinet for the first days after the baby's birth, but this too is not necessary in all situations. The crib should pass all safety warnings and solidly put together. Inspect it for any loose screws and be sure to remove anything that can hurt the child. A new mattress should be in use, with a tight fitting sheet. A baby bumper fit around the edges of the crib is also helpful, but ensures no cords are on these.

Other large investments for the nursery are optional. You may wish to choose a changing table. If so, be sure it has a fitted mat for the child where the sides come up enough so that the child cannot roll off the table. You likely will need to use it for storage, but keep all items off the area where the baby will lay. Choose something that is easy to clean, too.

Other items to think about include a rocking chair and storage areas. You want to keep the baby's nursery inviting and warm. You also want to allow them to develop where here so use contrasting colors to help with vision development. Keep the room soft, too. You do not want the child to receive bumps in the head. Windows and any other areas that are drafty should be sealed up. All of these little things will make a big difference when it comes to caring for your child. Invest in quality and ensure safety for the best results when it comes to your baby's care.