Why Do Babies Cry

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New parents often find that their babies cry often. The problem is not that the parent is doing something wrong, at least not intentionally. Babies cry often and they cry loud. The good news is that after a while, you will learn what each type of cry means. Soft cries, loud cries, cries that mean the baby is in pain or those that mean he is hungry all sound just a bit different. For parents, this learning curve requires some attention paid to it, but once in place, you will see improvement in your ability to react to that cry.

Here Are Some Reasons:-

1. He or she is hungry. Most babies will cry to let you know that they are hungry. It is often necessary to get to this cry before it worsens. The hungrier they get, the louder the cry and often, the more difficult they are to feed.

2. She is dirty. Babies do not like to be wet and they do not like the squishy stuff either. If they are uncomfortable in this area, chances are good they will be crying, and crying a lot because of it.

3. She is uncomfortable. Most often, babies are happy go lucky with whatever you do with them. However, they do not like to be cold and they do not like to be hot either. Try to keep their clothing levels right to sooth this problem. Dressing in layers is helpful.

4. She wants comfort. Many times, babies will cry because they want held. They may not be able to express this feeling any other way. They do not need food or a diaper change, but they do want held and comforted.

5. She does not feel good. Often times, babies will cry when something is bothering them, such as their tummy. They cannot tell you that their tummy hurts so this is often a guess you will have to make until you can spot the type of cry associated with a child that does not feel good.

Babies can cry for many reasons. What is important is to understand the cry so that you can react to it appropriately and help the child to improve his or her overall happiness.